An Irishwoman, an Englishwoman and a Germanwoman walk into a bar. A hostel bar in Barcelona where a fight for Catalonian independence rages on the streets outside. Aside from disrupted festival-going plans, all they hold in common is a fucker of a hangover. Trapped, the travellers rip stereotypes into confetti. Grab your passport for a buzzing trip of laughs through the past, present and future of three nations.

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FREE EU ROAMING is a physical theatre piece about national identity. Three young women from three different nations – Ireland, UK and Germany – are trapped inside a Barcelona hostel while a fight for independence is raging on the streets surrounding them. The outside, combined with their mutual encounter makes the characters reflect on their respective relations to their national identities. They engage with stereotypes, prejudice, collective histories and current political developments. They find common ground and look into the future they imagine for their three countries and Europe as a whole. We as a collective and FREE EU ROAMING as a production have set out to make theatre that reclaims and reshapes our collective history and national identities.

“The play Free EU Roaming is a serious, intelligent debate about nationality and responsibility. So is it pretentious and terribly boring? Like hell it is; it’s terrific.”
(Emer O’Kelly in the Irish Independent, March 25, 2019)

FREE EU ROAMING was written and is performed by the founding members of Rule of Three Collective: Sinéad Brady, Katie O’Byrne and Caroline Galvis. We teamed up with director Rosa Bowden, lighting designer Shane Gill and sound designer Leanne Bergin to realise a physical theatre piece that aims to reach international audiences of all ages.  FREE EU ROAMING sold out all six shows during its premier run at Dublin Fringe Festival 2018 and has since been performed during a two week run at Bewley’s Café Theatre Dublin (2019) and the Residence of the German Embassy in Dublin (2019).

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